School Uniform Labels by Snappy Tags

Label school uniforms the easy way with Snappy Tags. Good quality, re-useable tags

There’s no need to spend hours sewing in name labels or replacing iron-on name tapes that fall off in the wash – with Snappy Tags you can label your child’s school uniform in a snap!

Snappy Tags are designed to resemble a small button and fit neatly onto the laundry label of your child’s school uniform. You tell us what name and/or number you require on your Snappy Tags which we laser-etch permanently into the tags, ensuring it will not fade or wash off - unlike other types of school uniform labels.

School uniform labels the Snappy Tags Way

How it works

Snappy Tags will not come off your child’s school uniform in the wash - you simply snap the Snappy Tag onto the clothes laundry label using the one-click applicator. Unlike other types of school uniform labels, Snappy Tags can be removed using the applicator, then re-used on another garment (simply re-apply with another Snappy Back – available separately). Re-usable Snappy Tags are therefore great for labelling school uniform as your child grows.

Schools love Snappy Tags as they can identify children’s uniform quickly and efficiently, with no more rummaging in the lost property box!

Snappy Tags are available in a kit, complete with an applicator, or separately in packs of either 25 or 50 Snappy Tags, enabling you to label school uniforms and clothing for the whole family!

Snappy Tags Family Kit

Label your children’s school uniform in a snap with our Snappy Tags Family Kit, which includes all you need to label 50 garments for two children – an applicator, 2 x 50 Snappy Tags with backs and an extra pack of spare Snappy Backs.

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Back to School Naming Kit

Everything you need to labels school uniforms, shoes and accessories. Snappy Tags are a quick and easy way to label clothing and other soft items, and hard items such as lunch-boxes, shoes and equipment can be quickly named with our Snappy Stickers.

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